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Maceration of the herbs

The 37 herbs, flowers, roots and spices, dried and cut, are mixed and placed in a special container with a grid on the base, called macerator, then covered with a hydroalcoholic solution. The hydroalcoholic solution solubilises the content, extracting the active ingredients from the plants: aromatic, spicy, floral, sweet and bitter scents. The product is left to macerate statically for about 30 days.

The herbs

Pressing of the herbs

At the end of the infusion, the herbs are pressed with a wooden press to extract all the active ingredients. Once ready, the infusion ages until the herbalist of the House, after tastings and analysis, decides to proceed with the preparation of the liquor.

How to taste

Production of the liquor

Finally, in another container, all the ingredients that will make up the final product (infusions, hydroalcoholic solution, sucrose) are mixed. They will then rest and age, so that the aromatic principles of the herbs, alcohol and sucrose are amalgamated and reach the right balance. At the end of the ageing, the product is bottled.

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